1. School Bell System

This is a project implemented to effectively handle the School Bell. The software run from the computer takes the real time from the system and plays a sweet music notes at the pre-determined time set in the control. The total manual system of bell can be replaced using the system. The project is implemented and is in use in the School.

2. School Election software

It is also a software for selecting the School captain in a democratic manner. The School election of the year  was conducted using this software. It is prepared in Visual basic 6.0school-election

and students from class VI to XII voted and selected Varsha Krishnan as the School Leader (Girl).

3. Blog for Work Education and NCC. 

The Blog Site https:\\girishsab.wordpress.com was implemented in November 2016. The site provides the important lessons as per the KVS syllabus for Work Education, demonstration videos, photographs of important projects, video presentation by students. The site has been welcomed by students very well.


4. Application for School Idendity Card.

It is an application developed so that the Parents can apply for a School ID Card online.

With the introduction of Smartphones the parent can apply providing the details of students online. The parent can upload the passport size photo of the student and the system administrator can verify the data and send the details to the ID card service provider without delay.

apply for ID card.JPG