Aim:- To construct the house wiring circuit containing

a) Multiple switches with multiple loads

b)Multiple switches and plugs points

c) Incorporation of fuse

d) Incorporation of Indicator

e) Incorporation of regulator


Material Requirements

AC supply :  220 volts
Fuse : 1 fuse
Indicator : 1 indicator
Ceiling fan : 1 ceiling fan
Switches : 4 one way switches
Dimmer switch : 1 dimmer switch
Plug sockets : 2 plug socket, or 2 pin sockets
For this type of wiring a room first of all switch off you main circuit breaker and then start your work and then do all wiring as shown in the below wiring image diagram. First connect the phase wire to fuse and then connect wire connection form fuse to switches ans plug socket as shown . Then connect the neutral wire to plug sockets, indicator lamp as shown in below. Then connect the neutral wire light bulb sockets  and ceiling roos and after that do connection of bulbs and fan phase wire from switches and dimmer switch as shown in below image/diagram.