Aim:- To study about various Electrical Measuring Devices.

Materials Required:- Different Measuring Devices like Ammeter, Voltmeter, Ohmmeter, Energy meter etc.


Ammeter:- Ammeter is used for measuring Electric Current. Current is measured using the unit Ampere. There are AC ammeters and DC ammeters which can be used for measuring Alternating Current and Direct Current.

ammeter-250x250      ammeter-digital

Voltmeter:- It is used for measuring voltage or potential difference. There are AC voltmeters and DC voltmeters used for measuring AC voltage and DC voltage.A voltmeter is connected in parallel to a load.

voltmeter             voltmeter-digital

Ohm meter:-  It is used for measuring resistance . Unit for measuring resistance is Ohms.(Ω).


Energy Meter:- It is used for measuring energy consumption in Domestic and Industrial sectors. The unit for measuring the Electrical Energy is KWH.(Kilo Watt Hour).

energy-meter-analog              energy-meter-digital

Measure Electric Current

How to Measure Electric Current, Voltge and Resistance in a  circuit using Multimeter