Work Education is viewed as purposive and meaningful manual work organized as integral part of the learning process resulting into goods or services useful to the community. The competencies to be developed in this field should include knowledge, understanding skills and values through need based life activities.

Work Education helps the pupils to –

  1. Develop respect for manual work and regard for manual workers.
  2. Inculcates socially desirable values such as self reliance, helpfulness, cooperativeness team work, perseverance, tolerance etc.
  3. Develop proper work habits and values such as regularity, punctuality, discipline, honesty, efficiency, love of excellence and dedication to duty.
  4. Develop self esteem and confidence through achievements in productive works and services.
  5. Develop a deeper concern for environment and a sense of belongingness, responsibility and commitment to the society.
  6. Develop awareness of socio- economic problems of the society.
  7. Appreciate the utility of Productive work and services to the community.

Hence utmost importance is to be given by the authority for effective implementation of Work Education in the Vidyalayas and also the parents and the society be involved suitably for the proper implementation of Work Education in every Vidyalaya.

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